Show Your Hot Wife is all about having fun and to keep it that way we keep the rules and guidelines to a minimum. After all we want you to have the freedom to express yourself in anyway you see fit but like with all things there must be a few rules to go by. Fortunately there aren’t many so lets check it out!

Community Guidelines

Adults Only: We are an adult website and you should be an adult if you’re on here. That means a legal over 18(21) type of adult.

Illegal Stuff: This one is easy enough. If it’s illegal it doesn’t belong here ever.

Minors:  This community is for legal adults only. Always and forever.

Harmful Stuff: Don’t post sick stuff. SYHW is for sexy stuff.

Bestiality, Blood & Necrophilia: We shouldn’t have to even point this out but don’t do it and go get help. Please.

Spam and Deceptive Stuff: You can always feel free to pin and post stuff from your own websites, social media accounts, blogs and whatever else you’d like — just don’t flood the site with ads and duplicate images. Be reasonable and everything will be find.

Non-Attribution and Sources: Always give the proper credit to the person who deserves it via the source url aka link.

Cyber Stalking and Harassment: Don’t be a weirdo, creep, or anything else that could be considered stalker type stuff or harassment.

Water Sports, Closeups, Fisting etc: None of this type stuff is allowed. If it’s posted it will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned but please don’t make us do that because it sucks. Just keep it cool and have fun!

That’s it everyone and it wasn’t so bad after all :)