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How To

August 31, 2015 / SYHW

Husband wants to share my pics with others online.There comes a point in some relationships where the wife may find out that her husband wants to share her pics online and it can be quite the shocker.

However this phenomenon isn’t a rare one, in fact there are hundreds of thousands of men (if not more) into showing off their wife to other men.

Most of us girls just get a bit shocked by it because it goes against everything we know about men. Most guys get overly jealous or simply don’t want anyone looking at their woman.

Not so when it comes to guys into hotwifing, cuckolding and swinging, in fact they are the polar opposite. That’s right, they want to see men checking you out or at least knowing they are.

Would You Share Your Wife’s Pics with Others?

What about you? Would you share your wife’s pics with other men, women and couples? Have you already done so and if so, what do you enjoy about it the most? Share your thoughts below!boardboardboardboardboard

August 15, 2015 / SYHW

Installing the Show Your Hot Wife Bookmarklet makes easy work out of pinning the photos and videos you’ve already posted on other websites. With just a couple clicks you can post that content on SYHW without even having to be on the site. Which is why getting it installed is so damn cool!

If you’re familiar with Tumblr or Pinterest — you’re going to love this. Check out how easy it is to do!

Step 1: Go to the Add Pin Page

Step 1: Bookmarklet

Step 2: Scroll to the Bookmarklet

Step 2: SYHW Bookmarklet

Step 3: Drag it to Your Toolbar

Step 3: Bookmarklet

That’s all there is to it! In just 3 easy steps you can have the bookmarklet all ready to go and best of all once you know how to do it, you can add it and delete it from your browser toolbar anytime you want.

Tip: Sometimes your browser may not show your Bookmarks or Favorites Toolbar by default. If that’s the case you’ll need to open it first before doing the steps above.

To do that go to the top of your browser window (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox etc…), right-click and then click Bookmarks Toolbar or Favorites Bar.

August 9, 2015 / SYHW

Secret Late Night Giveaway

Up for a secret late night giveaway? It’s easy to get in on the action. Just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be have your chance at winning a $5 to $25 E-Gift Certificate from! Please note we only randomly select winners from Midnight ET to 6am till the giveaway ends.

Why are we doing this? We’re so excited about the launch of the new site that we thought this would be a fun way to celebrate and find out if you like it! Check out how to enter below!

How to Enter the Late Night Giveaway

Step 1: Signup for your free account

Step 2: Pin at least two photos of yourself (each photo counts as an entry)

Step 3: Tweet us with your new Username and #SYHW (i.e. HotWifey #SYHW) letting us know you’ve completed the steps

Step 4: You’re entered! We hope you win one and come back to pin some more stuff soon :)

Good Luck Everyone!

Final Details:

Once we announce a winner we will need the email address you’d like the card sent to.

We will announce the winner(s) on twitter. You must complete all steps and be a legal adult from the United States only. This giveaway will end when we post it on twitter so make sure to follow us to keep up track of what’s going on. More giveaways coming soon too!

Official rules for all our giveaways are here so please read them so you’re clear on everything.

August 5, 2015 / SYHW

Whether you’re submitting your wife, stud of a husband or whatever else, you’ll find it’s easy and as straight forward as can be. Lets see how to submit directly to SYHW!

Step 1: Click Submit or Add Pin

Submit Your Wife Pics

Step 2: Click Browse & Upload

Step 2: Browse & Upload

Step 3: Fill Out Your Details


Step 4: Pin It & You’re Done!


August 5, 2015 / SYHW

Creating boards (blogs, folders or whatever you wanna call them) is a great way to organize and keep track of all your goodies. Best of all it’s easy as hell to do. Check it out and see for yourself!

Step 1: Click the Blue Folder

Create Boards for Your Wife PicsStep 2: Choose Title & Category

Creating a Board: Name and Category

Step 3: Click Add Board & You’re Done!

That’s all there is to it! Now you can pin/post as much as you want and if you need more boards — create as many as you’d like :)boardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboardboard

August 4, 2015 / SYHW

Giveaway and Contest RulesShowYourHotWife runs giveaways and contests now and then for our members and even those new to the community.

However to do so we need to lay out some rules so everything is kosher and within the appropriate guidelines. You know the typical legal jargon and definitely not fun stuff to sit around reading on the internet.

So here we go and please don’t get too bored — we know this stuff sucks so we will make it as simple and painless as possible.

SYHW’s Giveaway Rules

  • First thing you need to know about is our Terms and Conditions and of course agree to them as every website requires.
  • Just so everyone knows, you don’t have to buy anything to participate, play, or win. You must be a legal consenting adult and any applicable taxes are yours to cover.
  • If we post a “Tweet” or message of some sort looking for responses to a question or whatever it may be, we get to decide the best response at our sole discretion.
  • Other times we may base a contest on sharing a certain type of photo, pinning to the ShowYourHotWife website or even based on what user number you are. In all those cases we also get to decide at our sole discretion or based upon the specific user number mentioned in our giveaway tweet.
  • If a giveaway happens to be based on tweets being sent to us or emails or any other form of communication — we count them as they come in to determine the winner.
  • Unfortunately due to some bad apples out there we also have to reserve the right to exclude people from the giveaway if we deem their username, profile, tweets or avatar too offensive, hateful or discriminatory in any way.
  • By entering any of our giveaways, you give us the permission to use your username (not real name) to announce the winner as well as any other purposes in relation to the giveaway.
  • If you want to know who won, the winner’s name will be announced on Twitter as soon as possible. What you send us becomes ours to use for promotional activities, on the website as well as in relation to the giveaway. This does not include pins to our website. Those belong to you or the source you pinned them from.
  • If you end up one of our lucky and so damn sexy winners of these contests, we will need the proper information so we can send you your prize! Typically all we will ever need is a valid email address but we will always let this be known in advance via Twitter and it is all kept strictly confidential and private.
  • Anyone who is affiliated with or works for the ShowYourHotWife can not enter or win any of these contests whatsoever.
  • By participating or playing in any contest we have, you are stating and agreeing to the fact that you are a legal adult, are not offended by adult entertainment and are over the age of 18 or 21 depending on your location.
  • You must be a resident and citizen of the Continental United States of America.
  • You understand that no companies, products, brands or prizes are in anyway associated with the contests or giveaways and they are not in anyway making any endorsements whatsoever.
  • And of course the infamous rule of all rules: Void where prohibited!

Okay we finally made it to the end! Thanks for hanging in there with us. Now all you need to do is follow us on Twitter and sign up for your free ShowYourHotWife account so you don’t miss out on our future giveaways and contests!

August 1, 2015 / SYHW

Do you enjoying showing off your wife? Submit your wife pics to the hottest new community for wife lovers, swingers, cuckolds and more. Best of all it’s fast, easy and highly addictive once you get started. Check it out!

How to Submit Your Wife Pics

Submit Your Wife Pics

Once you’ve created your free account, it’s as easy as clicking Submit at the top of the page or the Add Pin button (see image below).

Organizing Your Pics

Create Boards for Your Wife Pics

Lets say you want to submit pictures of your wife’s booty, boobs and her having some fun at a hotel and you want to keep track of them without it being a pain in the ass. That’s not a problem with the use of our Boards. Think of each board you create as a separate folder or blog that you can post infinite amounts of stuff to.

For example: You create a board for your wife’s booty and boobs. Now when you post more photos or whatever else you want — you can post them right to that board so you always know where it is.

You’re gonna love how convenient and easy they are to use but if you get confused just check out some of the posts in the community and you’ll see how simple it really is.

July 29, 2015 / SYHW

What is SYHW?

Show Your Hot Wife is a community for wife lovers, cuckolds, swingers and naughty open minded people where they can all come together and have some fun.

Post your own stuff or images, videos and gifs from across the web. We promise you, you’ll find it extremely easy to use once you get started. Now lets check out some ways to have fun on SYHW!

Post Your Own Sexy Stuff

Want to show your sexy wife off? Submit a photo of your big dick? No problem! You’ll find submit links and buttons right at the top of site at all times. You can upload directly or fetch it from the web using the URL.

Post from Around the Web

Use our SYHW Bookmarklet Tool and collect up all your favorite things you find online. If you see a hot photo or something you like, you can click it and post it to SYHW without ever actually visiting the site. Best of all it retains all the source URLs for you so the owner always gets proper credit. That’s a win-win.

Organize Your Stuff

Create Unlimited Boards or blogs to organize and keep track of all your favorite photos, videos and other sexy things you find online or post yourself. Go nuts and create as many as you need — you’ll love it :)

Socialize and Have Fun

Like your favorite stuff, find people to follow, leave comments — you name it. To top it off you can even repin/reblog stuff that you find within the community to your own boards. Jump on in and enjoy!

So what are you waiting for? Register for your free account now!

July 29, 2015 / SYHW

Show Your Hot Wife is all about having fun and to keep it that way we keep the rules and guidelines to a minimum. After all we want you to have the freedom to express yourself in anyway you see fit but like with all things there must be a few rules to go by. Fortunately there aren’t many so lets check it out!

Community Guidelines

Adults Only: We are an adult website and you should be an adult if you’re on here. That means a legal over 18(21) type of adult.

Illegal Stuff: This one is easy enough. If it’s illegal it doesn’t belong here ever.

Minors:  This community is for legal adults only. Always and forever.

Harmful Stuff: Don’t post sick stuff. SYHW is for sexy stuff.

Bestiality, Blood & Necrophilia: We shouldn’t have to even point this out but don’t do it and go get help. Please.

Spam and Deceptive Stuff: You can always feel free to pin and post stuff from your own websites, social media accounts, blogs and whatever else you’d like — just don’t flood the site with ads and duplicate images. Be reasonable and everything will be find.

Non-Attribution and Sources: Always give the proper credit to the person who deserves it via the source url aka link.

Cyber Stalking and Harassment: Don’t be a weirdo, creep, or anything else that could be considered stalker type stuff or harassment.

Water Sports, Closeups, Fisting etc: None of this type stuff is allowed. If it’s posted it will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned but please don’t make us do that because it sucks. Just keep it cool and have fun!

That’s it everyone and it wasn’t so bad after all :)

July 27, 2015 / SYHW is not a primary or secondary producer of any or all of the content found on the website In regards to the records as per 18 USC 2257 for any and all content that can be found on this site, please kindly direct your requests to the websites or site for which the content was produced. is a photo and picture sharing site that allows for the uploading, pinning (pinboard), sharing and viewing of various types of adult and fetish related content, and while does the best that it can to verify that everything within the community is within compliance, it may not be 100 percent accurate at all times. abides by these set procedures to ensure the community is within compliance:

We require all users to be 18 years of age or older, depending on jurisdiction, to use, upload and pin to the site. When uploading or pinning these users must also verify the content; assure he/she is 18 years of age; certify that he/she keeps records of the models in the content and that they are over 18 years of age and provide the source URLs when appropriate especially when pinning to the site. allows content to be reported as inappropriate and flagged as such. Should any of the content be reported as illegal, unlawful, harassing, harmful, offensive or various other reasons, the site shall remove it without delay.

Users of who are urged to report any such content as inappropriate by clicking “REPORT” button found at the top of each image, photo or picture.

If you need assistance with tracking down the source of content, or anything else in regards to the or prior statement please contact us for further assistance.

A big part of using the Site is the allowing of you to post content including your pics, photos, opinions, comments, links, social media accounts and other materials of various types. Every single post you make and activity you conduct — you are solely responsible for. You retain all rights to and are the sole person responsible for your content.

July 27, 2015 / SYHW respects the copyrights and all intellectual property rights of others and we expect all users on the Site to do the same. It’s our site policy to ban, terminate and/or disable any and all accounts of those users that infringe on or repeatedly get charged with copyright infringement or the infringement of intellectual property rights.

In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 — will respond as fast as possible to any and all claims of copyright infringement committed using’s website that are reported to us at Please remember to include the URLs with your email.

If you are the copyright owner, or have been authorized to act on behalf of the owner, or even if you’re authorized to act under any exclusive right under copyright, please report any and all alleged copyright infringements that you believe are taking place on or via the site by completing a DMCA notice of alleged infringement and delivering it to

Upon receipt of the notice, will take the necessary actions needed to correct the problem, at its sole discretion and when it deems appropriate including but not limited to the removal of the contested content but also by banning or terminating the accounts of the offenders.

We will not tolerate copyright infringement whatsoever. So please just don’t do it.


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